Job search strategies in corporate america tonight- rsvp by noon
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Finding a new/better job can be stressful, but it can be much less so if you:
Finding a new/better job can be stressful, but it can be much less so if you:
- Know Yourself [skills, location, start date, etc.]
- Know your Network [ why you should acept invites on Linked In from people you do not really "know", and other basic stuff]
- Know the Market [and how will the Market know YOU?]
- Know the Recruiting Process [LinkedIn as first step in screening]
- Know the Hiring Authorities
- Know your Resume [Job boards and when to update]
- Know about interviews & pay rates [Is this the most stressful part, or what?] the first hour will touch on all the above, and then light snacks, then the next hour is for Q&A and planning out further sessions with deeper dives into certain areas . {for my recruiter friends, you are extremely welcome, and feel free to bring your business cards :], but note to all, this will not be a job-fair event - it will be higher level, focused on learning & discussing Job Search Strategies/Best Practices in Corporate America, not specific jobs available across the market place right this moment. • What to bring
- Laptop or mobile device with LinkedIn App, and be connected [now, don't wait] to speaker Daniel Miklusicak in advance for interactive networking
- and bring a friend, especially if they are stressing about finding a new job [Please help them join this Meetup and also to RSVP, as we need a count for snacks drinks~
FROM : 2018-09-27 to Till : 2018-09-27
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