info to share - Would you like to know if the new DevOps cert from SAFe is right for you ?
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A SAFe 4 Certified DevOps Practitioner (SDP) is a SAFe professional responsible for improving the complete flow of value through a Continuous Delivery Pipeline from idea to operational solution. This two-day course [version 4.5 based] provides a comprehensive overview for understanding the DevOps competencies needed to accelerate time-to-market by improving the flow of value through the Continuous Delivery Pipeline, and addresses the following:

Describe what DevOps is and why it is important
Build a culture of shared responsibility across the value stream
Continuously explore user needs
Describe architectural considerations for continuous delivery
Build and integrate the system continuously
Improve the quality of the system with continuous testing
Deploy systems to staging and production environments continuously
Release systems to customers and manage recovery as necessary
Maintain security by inspecting continuously for vulnerabilities
Measure the flow through the Continuous Delivery Pipeline
Support a SAFe DevOps transformation in the enterprise
Attendees will map the current value stream through their delivery pipeline from idea to cash, and identify practices that will eliminate bottlenecks to flow. Attendees will explore SAFe’s CALMR (Culture, Automation, Lean, Measure, Recover) approach to DevOps, which helps create a culture of shared responsibility for the full spectrum of Solution delivery. During the course, they will gain the tools they need to execute an implementation plan for improving their delivery pipeline, and the knowledge they need to support the plan. The course also prepares students for the optional SAFe® 4 DevOps Practitioner (SDP) certification exam. Attendees must attend both days of the course in order to qualify for the exam.

After attending the class, attendees should be able to:

Understand the CALMR approach to DevOps, why it is so important, and be able to explain it to others
Understand the importance of continuous integration, continuous testing, and be ready to apply it
Apply the concepts of continuous security
Map their current delivery pipeline
Measure the flow of value through the delivery pipeline
Identify gaps and delays in flow
Improve the process of exploring customer needs
Improve the process of developing, building, and integrating continuously
Improve the process of continuously deploying to staging and production environments
Improve the release process
Execute an action plan for their DevOps transformation
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