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I want to write about my recent experience with Abdellah whom I hired to help me paint my house that I have listed for sale. At the outset, let me say that I had a great experience with him and I felt like sharing it with you all. Before I contacted Abdellah, I hired a professional painter but he messed up my house with the wrong color and he left my house leaving behind messed-up walls. I later called Abdellah to help me out to fix the walls. Abdellah recommended me a different color based on the current trend, he went above and beyond to paint every inch of every wall of my house. He kept me updated every day with the work in progress. Being very satisfied with his job I have asked him to change the color of my kitchen cabinets. I was so surprised and very satisfied with the end result. House looked like new and attracted many buyers as a result. Believe it or not I have accepted an offer the day Abdellah completed his work. Thank you so much Abdellah.

You may be wondering how much he charged for his work. Let me tell you one thing... it would have costed me atleast twice as much if I had hired any other local business for the job. I strongly recommend you all to hire Abdellah for your next project. Abdellah can be contacted at 2174549608. 
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