Free hindu priest available for weddings, pujas, ceremonies, or hinduism instruction
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Hello, you may call me Anand. I recently got my saffron robe from Dakor mandir in India. I will serve central IL. My grandfather was the Director of The National Council of Educational Research and Training in India, and my great grandfather was a respected priest at the Krishna Ranchod temple in Dakor. I come from a long line of Brahmin priests from Benares (Varanasi). I am also able to do S. Indian ceremonies. I have studied for 15 years. My eventual preference is to teach Vedanta to those who want to learn. I am also available for Gita instruction, Advaita instruction, Upanishad instruction and more. I CAN DO WEDDINGS of any length, New House or New Business pujas, general blessings, annual pujas, and more. FOR NOW I WILL NOT CHARGE for any services, if you like you can donate to my personal home-ashram expenses. YOU CAN CONTACT ME AT
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