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Brite n shine carwash holiday sale touchless automatics $3.00
About Brite n shine carwash holiday sale touchless automatics $3.00:
pre>pre> Visit Brite 'N' Shine which is conveniently located next to Meijer on Collage Ave. Brite 'N' Shine has lots of self serve stalls, so you seldom have to wait. And it is open 24 hours a day. Brite 'N' Shine is also VERY economical with their pricing. The Brite 'N' Shine Laser Wash System include an undercarriage cleaning, double pass foam wash, a spot free rinse and a clear coat finish. Brite 'N' Shine has perfected this method of cleaning your car without a single brush or cloth pad touching its paint! Soft, warm, soapy water applied under controlled pressure through a series of computerized robotic arches have forever altered the course of car washing. This revolutionary new method of cleaning flushes salt and grime from behind bumpers, moldings, rocker panels and grille areas.
104 WEX FORD CT, Normal, IL
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